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FlexiBath, an innovative product by A Real Cool World, changed the baby bathing routine game by offering an affordable, foldable pop-up bath that can be used on the go and even when the baby grows out of it.

Baby and children products

2010 – 2013

Bringing the first-ever foldable baby bath to the UK

FlexiBath, created by the Danish company A Real Cool World, has developed functional and aesthetically appealing children’s products since 2006. FlexiBath was the first ever foldable baby bath to be created, thus changing the baby bathing game. They created a clever product that solved the problem of storing a bulky baby bath when not in use and it can be transported on the go if you’re travelling and used for toys, laundry or whatever you wish to once the baby grows out of it. 

As a team we worked closely with the brand to create a solid strategy to get their products into the unique UK market. Through partnerships with national retailers such as John Lewis and Mothercare, with strong and comprehensive marketing campaigns, and our knowledge of consumer trends, we helped FlexiBath grow their presence in the UK and win a number of prestigious awards including a silver award in the Best Buys for Baby and Pregnancy by Made for Mums.

In 2013, A Real Cool World sold to Stokke, terminating our partnership once sales and marketing was handed over to the new owners.

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